• Agent Banking
  • FOS
  • Reconciliation
  • EFTN

Ababil RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) system is a gross settlement system of money or securities in which both processing and final settlement of funds transfer instructions can take place continuously (i.e., in real time). The module supports the following:

  • Fund transfer
  • Credit and intra-day liquidity management
  • Payment entry and processing using MX message format ISO 20022
  • A multi-currency system

Ababil agent banking module provides limited scale banking and financial services to the underserved population through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/ cashier. The module supports the following:

  • Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Remittance
  • Fund transfer transactions

Ababil’s FOS (Financing Originating System) is a web based enterprise solution to maintain a work flow, manage financing origination and processing financing proposals centrally by using workflow management process and document imaging modules. The module supports the following:

  • User Group Creation & Management
  • Financing Origination for funded and non-funded Products
  • Applicant’s CRG Calculation and assessment

Ababil reconciliation module matches the balances in an entity's accounting records for a cash account to the corresponding information on a bank statement. The module is able to reconcile following:

  • HO/Inter-Branch transactions
  • Nostro transactions
  • Central Bank transactions
  • ATM/POS/Credit Card transactions

Ababil EFTN module facilitates the transmission of payments between the banks electronically. The module supports the following:

  • Customer Initiated Entry (CIE)
  • Prearranged Payment and Deposit (PPD) & Direct Deposit
  • Transaction Status
  • Transaction Verification
  • Management of Transaction Entries
  • Management of Originated EFT Files
  • Importation of Existing Excel Files into the system
  • Import File List Generation

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Over the last fourteen years, Millennium Information Solution Ltd. (MISLBD) has established itself as a consistent and reliable software company through its commitment and dedication towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company specializes in software solutions that provide competitive advantage by improving decision-making process and enhancing business performance of customers. Millennium believes in a unique, upscale and innovative work environment to provide better customer satisfaction through quality innovation. We continually strive to build such an atmosphere, which will spawn innovation in delivering higher value for money to our customers.

Our Featured Product

  • Ababil provide extensive parameterization & administration capabilities
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  • Empowering banks to confidantly face the challenges of the economy.
  • Ababil provides a centralized view of the business – across all business lines in both small and large banking operations.
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  • Multi-level Security Centric Architecture.
  • Powerful Self-service Through Roles-based Security.
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